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The Day After The Sabbath 49: I Am The Witch [female vocals pt.2]

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Volume 49 is another selection of tracks with female vocals. There are now six volumes with this theme.

So far those six are: 17 (link), 49 (link), 71 (link), 97 (link), 129 (link) and 154 (link).

The last time I did this was in vol 17 last year and as you can see it's taken me a while to find a decent amount for another, the task has been rewarding as I've had to look far afield from the usual suspects that I used in that one.


01. J.C. Heavy (Manchester) - Do What You Like (1971)
02. Alta Tension (Argentina) - Mississippi Queen (1970)
03. The Rattles (Germany) - Devil's On The Loose (1971)
04. A Euphonious Wail (California) - Night Out / I Want To Be A Star (1973)
05. Aguaviva (Spain) - La Niña de Hiroshima (1971)
06. Uta (France) - Baudelaire (1969)
07. Renaissance (UK, Surrey) - Rajah Khan (1972)
08. Birtha (Los Angeles) - Free Spirit (1972)
09. Pamela Webb and The George (UK) - Hold On, I'm Comin' (1969)
10. Tomorrow's Gift (Hamburg) - Prayin' to Satan (1970)
11. Circus 2000 (Italy) - I Am The Witch (1970)
12. Zephyr (Colorado) - Hard Chargin' Woman (1969)

J.C. Heavy were a short-lived act from Manchester UK and have one of the most immediate, hard-hitting tracks here. The concept of an Argentine psych-fuzz band covering Mountain's Mississippi Queen is like a match made in heaven and Alta Tension's short but sweet track nails it! The Rattles started life as a Hamburg beat group and played with The Beatles, later they made some hard rock/pop crossover and this track is wonderful.

We head back into Latin territory with Spain's Aguaviva and this stunning track based on an anti-war poem which translates to "The Girl of Hiroshima". It is quite unforgettable and unlike anything else I have come across so far for the blog. I used an 'A Euphonious Wail' track back on vol 44, that album has been growing on me and I find the lyrics of the track 'I Want To Be A Star' poignantly ironic coming from this long forgotten band. Uta was a French pop singer who heavied it up for this single B-side and Renaissance were an early UK prog band who created a haunting epic in the track Rajah Khan.

Birtha are one of the only all-female bands I have found, they play some great hard rock'n'roll and the track from an extremely obscure female solo singer Pamela Webb is an excellent heavy-fuzzed cover of the Sam and Dave classic. Fans of Amon Duul will dig the Krautrock occult heaviosity of Germany's Tomorrow's Gift, as they will also Italy's Circus 2000 with their similarity to the contemporary crop of female-fronted occultists like Blood Ceremony. Colorado's Zephyr end the comp with a massive slab of blues-rock and the guitar expertise of a young but already skilled Tommy Bolin (James Gang, Deep Purple).

Cheers, Rich

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  1. Great comp, as usual... many thanks!! Pleasantly surprised to find a track by the overlooked Aguaviva from my home country.

  2. Hi, thanks for the great track selection, a question yet: I know it's hard to believe but the voice in Petalouda is by a guy, Christos Kouloumpis, please checkπεταλουδα

  3. Ha! Thanks for the heads up man! I have replaced that track (to be used later - I love it) with another; Pamela George.

  4. Yes, you are right, Petalouda track is fantastic, I have it in a megarare sampler LP (Pop cocktail), as far as I know it was only released there. High-pitched vocals of Mr. Kouloumpis have may caused confusion, hehe!! Thanks again

  5. "Free Spirit" is the only one I know from this comp, and it's a good one!

    Can't wait to give it a listen--and just what're you gonna do for Vol. 50?!

  6. J.c heavy and A Euphonious Wail are my favorites of this awesome compilation as usual..

    thanks for these Rich! btw... miss a lot some of those compilations of zischkale!

  7. That Renaisssance track is absolutly amazing! A real mind melter...

  8. thanks! heavy shit with a lady up front done right always kills

  9. Thank you so much! Love your blog.
    Can`t wait to see a new selection of tracks with violins! Why not?

  10. Always love your female vocals compilations, this how I've discovered C.K Strong and many other great bands which I love so much now! Thank you very much!