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The Day After The Sabbath 48: Bad Vibrations

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Volume 48 kicks off with The Hook who assaults us with the heaviest track from their debut album, and impressively heavy it is for 1968. Sleepy John and Sudden Death were two US bands who's early 70's recordings languished for decades in absentia until the wonderful Rockadelic (also responsible for Crank) did us the favour of unearthing them, bringing us some cool proto-hard rock.

01. The Hook (US) - Son Of Fantasy (1968)
02. Sleepy John (US) - You Say (1970)
03. Sub (Germany) - Ma-mari-huana (1970)
04. October Cherries (Singapore) - Are You Ready [Grand Funk Railroad] (1971)
05. Sainte Anthony's Fyre (US) - Chance Of Fate (1970)
06. Puhdys (Germany) - Türen öffnen sich zur Stadt (1974)
07. Scorpion (US) - Can't Get Blood From A Stone (1973)
08. Ning (UK) - Machine (1971)
09. Alamo (US) - The World We Seek (1971)
10. Sudden Death (US) - Road Back Home (1971)
11. Schizo (France) - Paraphrenia Praecox (1972)
12. SRC (US) - The Badaz Shuffle (1972)
13. Gift (Germany) - Bad Vibrations (1972)
14. Three-Headed Dog (UK) - Slick Solution (1973)
15. The Bear Brothers (UK) - Red Shoe Trucken (1972)  

Sub's peon to the herb is an early gem of trippy krautrock and October Cherries are the first Singaporean band I have ever used, doing this cool Grand Funk cover. Sainte Anthony's Fyre were a power-trio from Trenton, New Jersey who's rough recordings still convey their hard rocking intentions perfectly. There is an interview with their drummer Bob Sharples here at Psychedelic Baby webzine. Puhdys are a German band who are still around, this is their first single and at the time they were in Uriah Heep/Deep Purple mode, thanks to bonistik for sending me that scorcher. Scorpion, Ning and The Bear Brothers are all one-single bands who have vanished into obscurity, but good and novel recordings they left behind indeed.

Memphis's Alamo produced a solid album of hard rock with cool hammond and gravelly vocals in 1971, and France's Schizo (first appearance: Vol 45) were too good to not use another of their murky unusual tracks. SRC were an also-ran from the productive Detroit scene and this is a great hypnotizing track with some excellent guitar breaks. Chances are that Gift are already known to you as a bloggers' favorite, and they fit in neatly with other German proggy proto-metal bands like a personal fave of mine; Night Sun.

Many thanks to Nololob for bringing Three-Headed Dog to my attention today; "Three-Headed Dog - Hound of Hades CD. Previously unreleased early 70s underground hard rock unearthed from the infamous Birmingham rock scene which brought us such luminaries as Judas Priest and Black Sabbath. Three-Headed Dog were among the lesser known and more obscure acts playing the circuit which included others like Iron Claw, Necromandus and Flying Hat Band."

Cheers, Rich.

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  1. Awesome comp. keep on!

    all the best, Jordan

  2. Thanks again for providing us with just amazin music!

  3. Some excellent new discoveries here, love Schizo especially. Your comps never cease to amaze

  4. Now that youve managed to find a Singapore track, I challange you to do a compilation from South East Asia!If anyone can do it you can. Theres some good stuff from Indonesia. Looking forward to your future travels...

  5. Now there's a challenge.....

    Thanks for your comments everyone, it keeps me doing this!

  6. excellent, had never heard puhdys, the schizo track reminds me of qotsa, forgot how good src was. thanks for all the time and effort making these comps!

  7. That Puhdys track is perfect, man.

  8. Totally, one of the best ever found, I have a Youtube friend to thank for that one.

  9. I love the hook... came across this lp once.. had no idea what it was.. man was i happy when I took it home!! I love the blog and the mixes.. keep it up!

  10. holy satan! ning - machine!!! ive been searching high and low for this track- thank you so so so much. cant thank you enough *nemaste* (ops accidentally deleted my comment big sorry hehehe. repost)

  11. or is it namaste hm oh well whatever