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The Day After The Sabbath 46: Bluesy Death

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Volume 46 is a general collection of great tunes.

01. Lyd - Need You / Double Dare (1970)
02. Mythos - Hero's Death [edit] (1972)
03. Fun Of It - Bluesy Death (1970)
04. Doctor Downtrip - Wanted (1973)
05. Frost - Big Time Spender (1970)
06. Raven - Can't You See (1975)
07. Three Man Army - Polecat Woman (1974)
08. Larry & The Blue Notes - In And Out (1966)
09. Stack Waddy - Hoochie Coochie Man (1972)
10. Bunalım - Tas Ver Köpek Yok (1971)
11. Morly Grey - Peace Officer (1972)
12. Dragonwyck - Ancient Child (1970)

We kick off with LA's Lyd who made a cracking demo album in 1970 with some catchy psych, see any similarities to Nirvana in that 'Need You' riff? Mythos were a Krautrock band who delved into long trips so I've edited down a track here. There is an interview with Mythos guitar/flute player Stephan Kaske here at Pychedelic Baby webzine.  Fun Of It were little known Dutch band who made one album including this monster trip which I used to name the compilation. Doctor Downtrip from Belgium chugs away the cobwebs and the beginning always reminds of the original Doctor Who theme tune.

Frost were a band that grew in the same Detroit scene as MC5 and by the time of their third album in 1970, 'Through the Eyes of Love', they had developed into more radio-friendly hard rockers. Raven bring along some swaggering southern blues to drink away your sorrows to. Three Man Army were a UK super group who recorded a number of solid albums. Three members; Adrian Gurvitz (guitar, vocals, keyboards), Paul Gurvitz (bass, vocals) and Tony Newman (drums), played in a who's who of bands including Baker Gurvitz Army, Gun, The Knack, Jeff Beck Group, May Blitz and T. Rex.

Larry & The Blue Notes are one of the oldest inclusions I have made, a solid bit of driving hammond heavy psych, and Stack Waddy will probably be familiar to some of you as an infamous Mancunian sleazy blues band which was an early signing to UK radio DJ John Peel's (RIP) record Label 'Dandelion'. Similarly to Red Dirt (see vol. 40) they play heavy blues riffs that draw the attention of proto doom/metal fans due to their aggressive edge.  Bunalim are a rare inclusion of some Turkish heavy psych and Morly Grey had one album in 1972, they are usually described as heavy psych but their relatively clean guitar sound is more like hard rock to me and this nimble riffing kills! The comp ends on Ohio's Dragonwyck, who's track is a great slice of psych, the guitar lines have an eastern sound to me and the song has a great oppressive doomy feeling to it. There is a Dragonwyck related interview here at the It's Psychedelic Baby blog.


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  1. Rich, thanks for this new dose of killer tunes, I love your taste! Moreover, some other bands to discover ...

  2. Do you know anything more about LYD? trying to find some information but cant seem to find anything.. is their only one album made from them?

  3. It was a one-sided demo acetate. There are no more recordings from them and Akarma has re-issued it on CD and LP.

  4. too bad hey, would be sick with some more songs.. dont know anywhere to get some information about them, articles, interview etc.. ?

    cheers bro!

  5. No probs. Not that I found yet, they are one of those complete unknowns that dissappeard long ago, but I'll look some more...

  6. ah right, too bad hey!
    could not even find anything when i searched for each band members name.. bit strange

  7. Thanks for your great efforts to compile this compilation titles. My iPod is also thankful.

  8. Thanks!!! Greatest blog in the world!

  9. ..just got the LYD logo tattooed the other week by the way

  10. Three Man Army - Polecat Woman is one of my absolute favourite tunes!

  11. Thanks man for good music. GREAT BLOG.Big job.Salute form Croatia.

  12. I discovered some 45 rpm's by Fun of It on this dutch website on Nederbeat,

  13. Zip file cannot be un-zipped after having been downloaded. Seems to be invalid somehow. Any chance to fix it? Always thanks for your fantastic work sir!