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The Day After The Sabbath 43: Transfusión de Luz [Latin rock pt.1]

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TDATS 43 is a collection of Latin American bands.

This is the now the 8th volume on Latin American themes, the others being 43: General | 84: Brazil 1 | 89: Mexico 1 | 104: Peru 1 | 136: Argentina 1 | 144: Venezuela 1 | 151: Bolivia | 118: Chicano Rock

01. Aeroblus (Argentina) - Aire en movimiento (1977)
02. Pax (Peru) - A Storyless Junkie (1970)
03. Rosario (Mexico) - Rengalaz (1971)
04. Plus (Argentina) - Ocultame Hermano (1976)
05. El Reloj (Argentina) - Aquel Triangulo (1976)
06. Dug Dug's (Mexico) - Yo No Se (1972)
07. Laghonia (Peru) - Someday (1971)
08. Opus Alfa (Uruguay) - Calma De Un Dia (1972)
09. Pappo (Argentina) - Sandwiches de Miga (1972)
10. Luis Alberto Spinetta (Argentina) - Era De Tontos (1971)
11. Piel De Pueblo (Argetina) - Por Tener Un Poco Mas (1972)
12. Climax (Bolivia) - Transfusión de Luz (1974)
13. Miguel Abuelo (Argentina) - Señor Carnicero (1973)
14. Tarkus (Peru) - El Pirata (1972)
15. Color Humano (Argentina) - A Traves De Los Inviernos (1973)
16. Módulo 1000 (Brazil) - Nao Fale Com Paredes (1972)

One name stands out here, with contributions to the three tracks from Aeroblus, Pappo and Miguel Abuelo. Norberto Napolitano, nick-named 'Pappo', started playing guitar at the age of ten, and developed a distinctively heavy, aggressive and fuzz-laden style. He became very active in Argentine rock from its beginning and made his name as guitarist of Los Gatos, the first rock band to enter the mainstream charts in Argentina. He continued in music right up until his untimely death in a 2005 motorcycle accident.  

Pax, the latin word for Peace, were from Peru, a country that produced a lot of good bands. The others on this comp being Longhonia and Tarkus. Along with Tarkus they played a very heavy proto-metallic style, while Laghonia created some great psych.  

Argentina is the most recurrent country here, and Plus were a great Argentine band that produced 3 albums beginning in the late 70's, they had a well-rounded professional sound from the start and the track here has an emotive doomy atmosphere, something which is shared with fellow countrymen Color Humano. There is little information on the few singles produced by 'Rosario', the artist is reportedly from Mexico and the track here is a frantic slice of psych with some great strangulated fuzz guitar. Piel De Pueblo's track offers a cool string-lead motif and their eccentric single album 'Rock de las heridas' is an entertaining listen. Opus Alfa and Climax are two bands from the early 70's which have a great sound from the time that Psych was turning to hard rock and finally I mention El Reloj and Módulo 1000, two bands who are a treat for any heavy prog fans out there.

Cheers, Rich

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  1. POOBAH from the USA says hello!
    Rock on music lovers.
    Jim Gustafson

  2. Great compilation! Thank you! Спасибо!

  3. Have to say it again, thanks so much for the compilations, very much appreciated!

  4. Thanks for the encouragement guys, it keeps me doing these things :)

  5. Increíble, como siempre. Gracias!

  6. Always good to hear some new (to me) Pappo and Dug Dugs tracks, can't wait to hear it!!

  7. yesss, lovespam too :)

  8. muy buena compilación. felicitaciones!

  9. Hi Rich!

    First, Thank you very very much for all these collections, I downloaded all of them and still enjoying more and more every time I listen to them. Your job is fantastic!

    Now, a suggestion: how about make a collection dedicated to Brazilian bands only? Here are a lot of great bands that I`m sure you and all visitor will like very much. Some sugestions: Secos e Molhados, O Peso, Bango, O Terço, Módulo 1000, Ave Sangria, Os Mutantes, Casa das Máquinas, Raul Seixas, Rock da Mortalha, Bixo da Seda, Som nosso de cada dia, A Barca do Sol, Vimana, Perfume Azul do Sol...

    1. Thanks Diego, I have considered doing a Brazilian compilation already and have a few tracks saved up but not enough yet, I have used or heard of a few of your bands already but will look up the others, thanks for your help, I will remember you!

  10. Dude! Excellent compilations! Pappo (as Pappo´s Blues) had a long carrear and great records.

  11. Pappo and Spinetta are real poets, great guitars, really soul.
    Everyone has to know it!

  12. your blog is really amazing...thank you so much for turning me on to some great obscurities!